So you want to hire a ghostwriter?

Let me guess…maybe you are here because you don’t know where to begin?

Hey…I get it!

Ghostwriting and hiring a ghostwriter is a big mystery to most.

Plus, it’s a big step isn’t it?

So, what if I told you I had a few secrets that I could tell you about ghostwriters and hiring one?

Would that help you?

I thought so. No more beating around the bush…

Let’s dive in and get it straight about hiring a ghostwriter:

Reason 1- Saving Your Time. Being an extremely busy business owner with a thousand things on your plate, saving time is at the top of the list on reasons to hire a ghostwriter. Writing a book or eBook takes a lot of time and effort and if you are like me, once I get into a project, I’m in 100%!

With all of the essential things that need to get done you simply just don’t have the time to devote to putting all your efforts into writing a book or e-book. Time is valuable and when you are running a business, you can’t give your time away or waste it.

Now, I’m not saying your book would be a waste of time to write. We know that is not true. It’s just not feasible for you to write your own book and do it effectively with your time constraints. Hiring a ghostwriter can simply solve that problem.

Reason 2-You don’t know how– Being a business owner you are obviously very very good at certain things. Marketing, service, speaking to people and on and on. But, not everyone is good at writing. Writing is a skill and not everyone can do it. Writing content is the essential way to convey your message and If not done correctly it can damage your company’s reputation and sales.

It is okay to not know how to do something. If writing isn’t your forte’ you don’t have to worry. It’s all good because hiring a ghostwriter can take that worry from you and let you feel good in knowing you will be getting quality writing that will represent you and your company in the best way.

Reason 3-Easy way to tell your story. Hiring a ghostwriter involves telling your story openly to a neutral party. Your story might have a lot of things that could affect people that are close to you. Having a ghostwriter write your book and telling your story, sharing your life along with your successes is an incredibly easy way to let it out and tell your story.

In this way, being candid, open and transparent with your ghostwriter allows you to share freely by channeling your thoughts and experiences of your life to a neutral party. Sharing your information with a ghostwriter will define your story and exhibit your business and know-how.

Reason 4-Brings Notoriety- Writing a book is a huge achievement and goal. Everyone says they will write a book but you are taking the next step and actually doing it. Bravo!

Hiring a ghostwriter is the quickest way to getting your book or project written so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once written, you can enjoy all of the benefits and what comes with that such as notoriety, sense of accomplishment, profit and success. These are athe first things you deserve by sharing your book to the world. That is always a good thing to have and to be proud of.

Reason 5-Multiple Products on the Market. One of the best reasons to hire a ghostwriter is that by allowing someone else to carry some of your load in developing tangible products, you can keep Books, eBooks, Blogs and Web Pages out there for the world to read. Once there, they act as Breadcrumbs leading new and exisiting client to your business.

Keeping and producing multiple products per year will increase your brand awareness, and signify your strength in knowing your business and service. Customers, and clients all want to be assured you are the expert. Having multiple products does just that by keeping you in their minds and at the forefront. Multiple products assures they are dealing with a professional business who can solve their problems and address their needs. This is a win-win for you…

Plus, produce multiple streams of residual income. This is always a good thing!

In essence…

Having a defined ghostwriting professional write your Books, eBooks, Blogs and Web pages take the load off by producing quality dedicated work that keeps your business shining brightly along with providing the fastest route to remaining on the top of your game with your business.

If you like to learn more about ghostwriting, the detailed process and how it all works to get your Book, eBook, Blog and Webpage on the market contact me at or email me at 

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Jeffrey A. Mangus CEO



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