Jeffrey A. Mangus, Founder & CEO

My Ghost Approach

My ghost approach is simple but effective… I listen to you. I actually listen, take notes, research and write the best book for you by telling your story.

Your story can make you a lot of money. But, it won’t if it is NOT WRITTEN. Plus, even if it gets written you do not want your book to be a gigantic BORE! Boring does not get read.

This is where I come into the picture.  I am experienced and have that magical ability to write in your voice, your tone, and tell YOUR STORY that way it needs to be told!

My Quick Story

I have been writing for business for over 25+ years with hundreds of Ebooks, blogs, webpages, and Social Media Ads ghostwritten by me all over the world. I have three books to my own credit and excel in the following industries but not limited too.

  • Real Estate
  • Prosthetic
  • Music Industry

Every business needs a book. Every small business owner needs to tell their company story to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and increase profits. It really is that simple. I am the ghost writer who can help you accomplish what it is you set out to do.

Being open and transparent. I am not cheap. Cheap can save you money of course but in the long run, getting quality writing and a real experienced professional will make you shine with less stress, headaches and avoid drastic costly mistakes.

My Ghostwriting Skills

  • Excellent ability in capturing voice, tone, and style of the author
  • Excellent skill in shaping and molding existing manuscript material into saleable, marketable and readable books/eBooks.
  • Skilled in researching and thorough organization of any and all information from the author.
  • Completely devoted to excellent work and TOP priority given to dedication to author/client satisfaction
  • Highly creative with proven brainstorming capabilities in developing book marketing plans steered to lead business owners to great success with their books and endeavors.
  • Strong know-how in ghostwriting, and the process to deliver a market – quality book
  • Highly resourceful editing and copy editing skills

Additional Benefits to have me as your Ghostwriter

  • I love being a ghostwriter that remains behind the scenes and making you shine.
  • I keep client confidentiality to the utmost extreme. Your book is yours and ONLY YOURS. No one in the world will ever know that I wrote the book for you.
  • I give you and make sure you get the glory. I’m glad to stay quiet, write and show the world your specialties in your voice, your style your way.

Next Steps...

Get in touch with me today and let’s talk about your new book or project!  Schedule a FREE 30-minute BOOK CONSULT with me and let’s talk about your new book project with NO OBLIGATION!

The World Needs Your Book! Specializing in non-fiction books, including business/sales, self-help, music and movie star memoirs, inspirational, personal tragedy, autobiographies, memoirs, religious and children's picture books.  I am your GO-TO GHOSTWRITER for anyone with a dream of writing a book who wants to help and has a story to tell.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute BOOK CONSULT with me and let’s talk about your new book project with NO OBLIGATION!
(Disclaimer-All conversations and discussions held in the strictest of confidentiality.)