Have you ever gotten lost?

I mean really lost where you felt kind of hopeless that you will never be found?

I have and it was damn scary! I wandered around looking for my mom and dad and I felt hopeless.

Thank God they found me. I was never lost again.

Now, when I go on a trip I plan the route.

Oh,but wait…

Remember the old days when you took a vacation with a paper map? They worked, but it sucked folding and unfolding that thing just to see where you were going.

The best part is…

Nowadays, our phones can take us anywhere we want to go in the whole world.

So, let me ask you… do you think writing a book is any different?

Do you honestly think writing a book could be done without a map?

Some have tried, but end up lost or even worse, no direction, no path and end up being so lost that they are never found.

I’ll tell you a secret…

Writing a book without mapping out your book can’t be done!

Having a defining book outline is the first step in creating a saleable and marketable book that will bring you great success.

Let’s dive in and look at three defined and proven ways to make outlining easy:

The Blitz Method-This method is brainstorming at its finest. This is the easiest way to get your ideas out and onto paper. It’s simple. Sit down and take a deep breath. Relax and let your brain take over. Write down everything you have in your head. Write every possible idea that is even remotely conceivable that you feel you want to include in your book. Whatever the topic or subject, there is no wrong answer.

Whatever you can think of that could attract and keep the attention of any potential client that is potentially interested in your service and your business. Write it down.  Remember, there aren’t any rules and no idea is a bad one at this stage. This is what I like to call freestyle brain burning. No rules. Just get it all out of your head and you can go back and organize it all later.

Once you have your blitz list. Give it a rest. Sit on it and not look at it for a day or two. 

Come back to it and then do your best to put your thoughts in an order that you are comfortable with. This is a great way to get started with an outline.

The Bubble Method– this is a more refined method, but not as detailed as a traditional outline. To get started, simply taking a notepad and on and draw a bubble in the center. One complete circle. Then put your brain to work and every idea or thought you want to include in your book. For every idea, draw a line out from the bubble and put this thought in a small bubble or circles. 

Keep going until you don’t have any more room. Once again this is free thinking and there aren’t any rules. All ideas are fair game. Let your brain open up. Don’t worry about ordor, grammar and stuff like that. Just get it out. You can come back and put your thoughts in order later on.

After you get all of your thoughts down, then you can put them in an order that makes sense to you. A good ghostwriter can help you outline and brainstorm on your book from a neutral perspective.

The Traditional outline– This is the tried and true method that you can do and probably did in high school or college. A traditional outline is a defined list of ideas straight down in order as you see them. The goal is to list out your thoughts exactly as you see them that would fit into your book. Remember though, you’re still brainstorming, but do your best to attempt to chronologically put all your thoughts down in consecutive order. Now, again, don’t worry as the list will change as the book progresses. That’s the nature of the beast. If you are just getting started with a book idea, the traditional method outline allows you to formulate a straight forward road map of where your book can go and will go.

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