Have you ever jumped in the car and not really have a destination in mind?

You just hop in, fasten your seat belt, put it in drive and go?

It’s fun at first, right?

Flying down the highway, windows down and music blaring.

But, then you find yourself on a road you don’t know.

Or worse,

You find yourself at a dead end on the wrong side of town.

It can get a little scary.

I bet you’re wondering…

What does this have to do with ghostwriting?

Well, it means everything to ghostwriting a book…

But let me in on a secret…

Not knowing exactly why you want to write a book will lead you to a dead end on the wrong side of town.

Writing a book for your business is an excellent way to improve brand awareness, lead generation, establish skill set, passive income, and residual income. But you need to know where your book is going.

Sitting down and asking yourself specific questions to put you on the right path to begin your book is essential in the success of your new book.

Defining the reason you want to create a book in the first place is also the second most important aspect to the process  of your new book.

How do you do that?

Simple. You get a plan by asking yourself specific questions that  will lead you to the right answers, but here is where it gets sticky!

You have to be honest with yourself. You have to be open and really dig deep in understanding the purpose of your book. What is the reason and who do you want to help?

Here are a few suggested questions to ask yourself before launching a book project and before you hire a ghostwriter.

Why are you hiring a ghostwriter? Whatever your situation is, it has to be examined. Maybe you don’t have the time due you are a busy business owner or maybe you just don’t have the skill to write a book? Whatever the reasons, hiring a ghostwriter is a very strategic move on your part in getting the task accomplished and tell your story. There isn’t any shame in admitting things can be done better by someone else. The goal is to get it done.

What type of money are you expecting from the book? This question is broad because once again, it all depends on your financial situation with your business. Maybe you need a passive or residual income coming into your business to support slower sales? Or possibly, you would like the book to be sold at a major discount or possibly given away for free to new potential customers. Ask yourself what do you expect financially from the book.

Who is the target audience for your book. Once again this goes back to having a plan and route to take with your book as whole. Defining who your specific reader is before you write your book is the number line key essential ingredient to a successful book. Learning who your audience is and writing your book geared directly to your reader is the perfect route to go with your book. Ask yourself who is it exactly that you going to help with your book. Find that answer and you will have a light to guide you through the process and onto a successful book.

What exactly do you want or need from your ghostwriter? Defining what you want and expect from your ghostwriter will set the tone for the relationship and the success of your book. Have you already written a first draft of your manuscript and you need edits? Or possibly you need an entire manuscript written from scratch? These are questions you need to ask yourself before hiring a ghost, look at what you need and move accordingly.

Having a plan and knowing why you need a book and what you want to accomplish with your book is the go to route in making your book a huge success.

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