Are you thinking you need to get your book or project written fast and get your book out there?

Well, you’re right about one thing…

Your book needs to get started and get out there, but can you get it written fast?

It sure can!

If you want to fail…

Let me tell you why.

A well-written book will take a while to complete. There are specific processes you and your ghostwriter should follow to make your book a success. Rushing a book and putting it out there before it is the best is a crime…

It’s your book and story. You don’t want to have it told the wrong way. Rushing a book and just putting something out there will set you up to fail, plus, jeopardizes your company branding and recognition.

Writing a great book will take time and processes to accomplish that take time to complete.

Writing a book is a beautiful thing to accomplish in your life, but trying to do it fast can get things confused, messed up and ultimately put your book on the path to failure.

Even though your book will take 3-6 months to complete, there are simple but effective things you can do to help the process stay on track and get composed faster.

Let’s dive in:

COMMUNICATION– Communication between you and your ghostwriter is a must. Being able to talk openly and make sure you convey what you want to say in your book is an essential ingredient in seeing your book composed faster.

ORGANIZATION-Organization by you and your ghostwriter on both ends is key to completing your book faster with quality. Keep your notes and information handy and organized at all times during the book writing process. And make sure your ghostwriter is on the same page as you in their organization of your material. The book writing process will go smoother for all parties this way.

Develop a strategy where both you and ghostwriter can share notes and documents. You could use Google Drive, or Dropbox and share information to stay organized and on track.

SCHEDULING-Keeping to a regimented schedule with you and your ghostwriter is key to keeping your book on the path to being completed in a timely fashion. Treat your book as an existing business. Show up and be attentive at meetings on your book. The book is important and make sure there are weekly meetings and follow up to questions that won’t delay you any longer than it takes.

Oh, there is more…

It takes patience and cooperation between you and your ghostwriter to make your book a true reality. Do your best on your end to provide all the information, tell your story to the best of your knowledge and stay on track and your book will see the light of the day sooner than you think.

If you have a book idea and would like to get started right away, I’d love to talk to you about your book project. Get in touch with me today at or email me at with any questions you have.

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