Deepest Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

I have decided to switch things up. The changes I want to make with my blogs is that I want to go deeper and dig under the skin.

I want to explore the deep insights into the book and ghostwriting world.

I believe the best results will come from deep searching, not only of the subject but of myself and letting out the innermost thoughts on the subject.

I know writing a book is a decision immense in your life.

I know I have done it.

As a ghostwriter, I get a lot of questions from potential clients. Every question is important, especially to the asker and I take addressing each question with vigor.

Initial questions I get most of the time are the general questions such as:

“How much does it cost to write a book?”

Or, “How do you write in my voice?”

I know these are icebreaker questions that need to be asked. I know these are things necessary you have to ask before you hire a ghostwriter to write your book.

There are even more important questions you need to ask.

But not to me.

You need to ask yourself.

Why do you want to write a book?

That may sound like a simple question but looking deeper…

It isn’t.

Understanding the deep, soul-level reason you want to write a book is essential in not only the pursuit of writing the book but the execution of a solid plan to spread the news to the world.

Have you asked yourself this question? Have you examined deeply your intentions?

Let’s examine some reasons you would want to write a book:

Residual Income– Maybe you have the idea you want to have a book that will support your existing business by providing residual income. A book can do this for sure. If this is a reason you want to write a book, understand there will specific processes you will need to put into place. We must implement these processes to make and reach the income stream you are probably hoping for.

Support your speaking engagements-Are you a professional speaker? Maybe this is the reason for writing a book. You desire to support your speaking and writing a book to support your services and present your knowledge on your subject in written form. A book of this nature is great to have for what I call “Backroom sales, promote additional speaking engagements and make them profitable.

Tell Your Story-Do you have a unique story to tell? Have you experienced something or gone through something that could help others? Writing a book is an excellent way to share with the world the story and have possibly millions share in your story.

Help Others-Do you have a skill or knowledge on a subject that can help others and solve their problems? Writing a book is an excellent way to accomplish that. Setting out to write a book of this nature will solidify your intent to help others and solve their problems through your words.

Promote your business-Do you have a book idea that will promote your skills or services? This is an excellent reason to write a book. Having a book that promotes your business, is a long-term business card that will lead new client your way, plus, enforce you are the leader in your field. A book like this will help in increasing your bottom line and the income from the book should help in many ways.

Lead generation-Having a book is an extended version of your business and what you provide. A book is a long-term plan to generate increased leads from your website. You can use your book or eBook as a lead magnet by giving it away as a download or give a portion of the book in exchange for a potential client’s email address to build your database.

The benefits of writing a book are intense. A book will have a drastically positive effect on your life. The benefits outweigh the negatives by far. The only catch is you must understand why you want to write a book. Because writing a book is a choice of a lifetime. It must be addressed from deep within you. Searching for the reason is an endeavor good for the soul and allows you to learn about yourself in ways you never imagined.

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