Do you Marry your Ghostwriter?

I’ve been through my share of divorces. They were ugly! Trust me, if you are married do yourself a favor and listen.

Let me give you a quick tip on how to avoid divorces…

stay married! Do everything you can to make it work.

Hey, don’t misunderstand me. I do get it.

Things aren’t working. Your sad, frustrated and you want to escape.

If the marriage is just not working…get out! And don’t look back.

In business it’s the exact same way. Business relationships need to start out on a positive note and be good for each party.

If not get out!

When it comes to hiring and working with a ghostwriter this especially rings true. Getting along with your ghostwriter is the first step in a successful book project.


Simple, there will be a ton of communication between you and your ghostwriter. Especially at the onset, gathering information, interviews, and questions asked along with research need for the ghostwriting project. These are all critical elements in the beginning of a book writing project.

As the book writing project moves along, communication lines must be kept open to ensure the information needed can be received. This keeps the project moving smoothly and on time.

At this point, if you do not get along with your ghostwriter, it is human nature to shut down.

Let me ask you…?

Ever been at a party and standing next to a complete moron? He won’t shut up and keeps talking in your ear about crap he knows nothing about.

What do you want to do?

What do you do?

Yep, you run away. You get away and hide! Of course you do!

This is our nature. It is in our entire DNA across the globe to avoid anyone that bothers you. If a person is annoying we always want to stay away.

I know I do! If you bug me…

Yes, I’m moving on.

I understand that not all personalities jive. I don’ get along with everyone. I mean who does.

This is the main reason for an initial consultation. Just a friendly quick call or conversation to see if we can get along. Both of us want to make sure we can talk and feel comfortable with each other about the book project and beyond.

Back to the word marriage…

A book project can range anywhere from 3-6 months. Be honest you don’t want to be locked in with the guy who you can’t stand do you? Do you want to be married to someone you can’t stand any longer?

No you don’t. And neither do I.

Working with a ghostwriter that you can’t stand would make the experience awful! Plus, the book will suffer. For your sake and your books sake, make sure you get along with your ghostwriter. I am easy to get along with but trust me I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. And maybe you aren’t either. That is okay.  

The good news…

I am approachable and do my best to not annoy and will go out of my way to make our relationship a great one! Get in touch with me today if you have a book idea for your business or yourself. Let’s talk about it and see if we can get along. It’s worth a phone call isn’t it!

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