I know when I first started and learned of being a ghostwriter; I wanted to understand exactly what a ghostwriter did. I began learning about the craft and what the ghostwriting process involved from the writer’s standpoint. Everything from grammar, diction, tone, style and the overall craft of writing. Every day I want to learn more and more about writing and ghostwriting. The more I do the more I learn.

However, once I began getting my feet wet, I started to see flaws in the system. I found most authors didn’t have a clue where to begin in hiring a ghostwriter. I found that I wanted to help anyone with a book idea to make those dreams happen. I talked to a lot of potential author clients and I still do and there is one underlying theme that is clear.

Most new authors didn’t have and needed a plan for their book project. I wanted to help them. I decided to help anyone, even if they didn’t choose me because I found there was massive confusion as to the client on what to do when hiring a ghostwriter. Most people I talked to and still talk to don’t understand fully the process and I want to set the record straight.

To get started, you as a client need to ask yourself a few preliminary questions:
• What is your motivation in hiring a ghostwriter?
• Do you want to grow your business or are you seeking the simple notoriety of being a published author?
• Do you want to sell and make a profit with your book?

These questions are valid. But, this is where things get sticky. Maybe you do not know how to write or have the time to invest in thousands of hours training to write a book, so you want and need to hire a ghostwriter to do the writing for you.

There isn’t anything wrong in hiring a ghostwriter but there are a few things you must do initially. And the one thing, as a business owner I know, is if you own a business, large or small, you are busy. Time is probably the biggest factor holding you back in writing your book. This why you must have a plan.

With that said let’s talk about the ways and what to do to prepare when looking to hire a ghostwriter.

Choosing the right ghostwriter that will match your work ethic and personality is a tricky business. You must plan extensively and understand exactly what you want out of the book project. Being prepared with everything will save you from hiring the wrong person and a ton of time— wasted effort.

Here are a few suggestions to consider and some questions to ask yourself before hiring a ghostwriter:

What kind of ghostwriting project?
Knowing the target market and what type of book oath you want to pursue is the first step in a successful project. Decide at the onset if your project is fiction or non-fiction and if you want it in print or if you prefer an electronic version only of your book. Know this up front before you talk to different ghostwriters.
How long your book will be?
Have in your mind an estimate on page count and word length up front. This will help you with your entire budget as most ghostwriters either charge per page, by word or by flat project fees.

Ghostwriter experience in your topic?
Learning exactly what your project entails and the direct topic your book will be is essential. When choosing a ghostwriter, you must ask if he/she has experience in writing on your specific topic. If the ghostwriter has not, that is ok if they will research and learn about the topic at hand, plus allow you to provide information you have on your topic.

Many ghostwriters write in various niches, industries, and topics. Verify if the potential ghostwriter has written in your industry. If they have not, go with your feelings, personality, and study the ghostwriter’s credentials and determine if you want them to perform the job or not.

Make a written plan
Make a definitive plan before you talk with any ghostwriter about your book project. This is very important as this is your project and you want it to be successful. Write out an outline of everything you need and desire to receive out of the project and relationship. You will work for a little while with your chosen ghostwriter so make sure each party understands everything, put it in writing and have it ironed out before beginning any writing.

Set A Budget

Having a budget set for your book project will help you in finding the right ghostwriter. Trust me, there are millions of ghostwriters out there and some will work for nothing. I warn you. You get what you pay for. If you find someone willing to work for peanuts, most cases, you will only get peanuts and a few cracked shells. Do yourself a favor and don’t be cheap. Find a good ghostwriter. A professional who can get the job done professionally.
Your book writing experience must be a good one and to get things started right, make a plan, ask some questions and know how much you will spend on a good ghostwriter to make your project a huge success.

If you would like to learn more and talk to me about ghostwriting your book project, get In touch at http://meetme.so/ghostwritingusa or email me at ghostwriterusa1@gmail.com

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