Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some main and important questions that will help you understand my process and what I do as professional Ghostwriter.

What will it cost me to get my book written?

Depending on the length or if you think your book will be different than other books I have written, you can expect a fee averaging $7,000 – $45,000. My fee includes the writing process along with the entire publishing process. You get everything you need to go from concept of your book to the final print. Plus, I’ll include 30 of your first copies. 

Do you take payments?

Yes, I do NOT ask for 50% DOWN or anything like that. I do require 15% down and monthly payments according to the length of time quoted for completion of your book. For example 3 months would mean 3 monthly payments. 6 month duration-6 monthly payments. It is a simple and fair process for all. 

Can you help me do my Self Publishing?

Of course! Not only will I help you…I’ll do it for you! I can guide you through the murky waters of self-publishing and get your book out to the world. No stress on you! I’ll do the heavy lifting.

How long does it take to write my manuscript?

In most circumstances, I can have your book ghostwritten in about 3-6 months. This depends on word-count and page count. Plus, the timeframe is depending on the amount of background information you will be providing and the research that will be required by me the writer.

Who will own the rights?

You the author has all rights to all works. I’m a ghost and prefer it that way. You take AND GET ALL CREDIT for the work. It’s your book and it stays that way. You own all the rights to your full manuscript and you are free to take advantage of all rights in any way you determine is in your best interest.

What services are available along with ghostwriting that you provide?

I do provide total publishing assistance with all of ghostwriting services. I can guide you from concept to finalization and publishing your book to the market. I help you through manufacturing and placing your book in as many distribution channels to help you be successful. I provide you with the tools and services you need to create a market-ready professional trade quality book.

What are some of the companies you have worked for?

I have worked and continue to work for major corporations, non-profits, corporate executives, small and large publishing houses, Private individuals and entrepreneurs. My past clients include but not limited too KONG, Allstar Products, OXO, Johnson and Johnson, TERUMO, Pfizer and more!

Next Steps...

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The World Needs Your Book! Specializing in non-fiction books, including business/sales, self-help, music and movie star memoirs, inspirational, personal tragedy, autobiographies, memoirs, religious and children's picture books.  I am your GO-TO GHOSTWRITER for anyone with a dream of writing a book who wants to help and has a story to tell.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute BOOK CONSULT with me and let’s talk about your new book project with NO OBLIGATION!
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