Four Excellent Ways to use Your Book for Your Business

As a professional ghostwriter, I fill my mornings with writing books for author clients, and I dedicate my afternoons to answering emails and questions from potential new authors. I love talking to different people and understanding their needs and desires to write a book.

In most initial conversations, the immediate questions are about fees and how the process works. However, to learn more and to better serve my clients there are a few important questions I ask, and again my goal is to learn more to help each author on their book journey. Two questions I ask, that most new authors don’t know  the answer to:

What is the purpose of your book?

How are you going to use it in your business?

Most answer, “I don’t know.” Or, I hear, “I have always just wanted to write a book.” or, “My friends have told me I need to write a book because I know what I’m talking about.”

These are all excellent reasons; however, the best path to ensuring your book’s success is to have a definitive plan on what you want to accomplish with your book. Yes, your book should provide guidance and help to others, but you need to make it clear what you want to do with your book within your business. Understanding your book’s purpose will guide you in the direction your book needs to be written. 

Let’s look at a few ways you can use your book in your business that will support and enhance your business. 

Lead Magnet

All businesses need new customers and a stream of customers to keep the business afloat and alive. Writing a book can be an excellent way to use it as a lead magnet or generation tool. If your business is online and you need new customers, giving your book away as a FREE download in exchange for an email address is an excellent tool to generate leads. You can use the gained emails to build a database for potential sales leads. 

Back of The Room Sales

Are you a professional speaker, or is speaking in front of select audiences a part of your business? Your book is an essential tool in making these events successful. Plus, you can add extra revenue from the sales of your book after your event is finished. Having a book to support your speaking career is a lucrative move and an essential ingredient. The book is a written confirmation of your topic and that you are the go-to person in your field. A book could be used to market your services and gain additional speaking events garnering additional revenue.

Residual Income Generation

Writing a book can help generate residual income for your business. Even if your business is going well, having an additional revenue stream can get you through the months that are slower and help support your business. There isn’t any shame in that.

Book Business Card

With a book comes notoriety and sometimes even fame. In today’s business world, having something that will elevate you over your competition is essential. A book can be the ticket. Having a book depicting your knowledge and skills is a great long-term business card—that doesn’t get thrown in the garbage. 

Your book, used as a lengthy business card, can show how you solve a customer’s potential problems with your skillset. You can point new customers and contacts to your book plus be a tool to send to new customers to read to solidify your presence in the business category you are in. A book is an incredible tool to use as a business card for your business.  

There are many great reasons to write a book for your business. The only thing you can do wrong is not write a book for your business. By not writing a book, you miss out on massive opportunities to show the world your skills, knowledge, and what you do well. 

Don’t make that mistake, and get started writing your book today. 

If you would like to learn more about getting started writing your book. Get in touch with me today at or email me at  I’d love to learn how I can help you get your book out to the world. 


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