It’s the day after Super Bowl…

My brain is still foggy from the delicious concoctions and delectable food during the game. Even though I had a blast…

The game is now over. The game is done and the winners and losers all go home.

But is your business over? Are you the winner or the loser and Is it time to go home?

I’m sure it’s not. But sadly, it could be if you don’t do a few things

Here is the low down…

I get questions every day from folks and one of the main questions I get is

“Why do I need a ghostwriter for my business?

The answer is simple…

You don’t! If you plan to do it the hard way!

Let’s dive in…

Having a ghostwriter write your book or writing project not only saves you time but puts your story in the hands of a professional who will be able to craft your words into something your audience will want to read

And pay good money to do it!

Look…let’s be real.

You are a busy business person who has a thousand things on your plate. you have people depending on you to get things done.

Am I right?

Do you really have the time to sit down and write a 60,000 word book, revise it, re-write it and publish it, and not to mention start the long process of marketing your book to your masses?

Probably not!

And that’s okay.

This is where a ghostwriter comes in and can help you and your business.


I understand. You are the leader of the pack and getting things done for your business is already extremely difficult.

Having a book working for you and your business is essential and the best way to get it done is let a ghostwriting professional handle the task of writing your story.

Isn’t time to take a load off and get that bucket list item of writing a book scratched off your list?

Think about it…

A book brings notoriety respect and increased profit by showing the world you are the expert in what you do. By telling your story, it brings the world to you and when you tell a good story on you and your business the world will continue to find you, and do business with you.

You are the expert… with a damn good book and with the know how to solve your customer’s problems.

Back to the question…”Why do you need a ghostwriter for your business?”

The answer is a simple one…

You need a book for your business to generate leads, generate sales, and increase web traffic, plus, not to mention residual income from the sales of your book. All of this sets you apart from the pack and shines a beacon light on you and your brand.

And you can have all of these things.

Here’s the best part…

All, without lifting a finger to do so.

Let a ghostwriter handle the writing of your book and all the rest will come and fall into place.

That sounds like a sweet deal to me.

If you would like to learn more schedule a free Book Consult and let me show about how I can help you as ghostwriter write your book for your business and see your sales soar get in touch with me at or email me at

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