Hiring a Ghostwriter to Write your eBook?

Being a ghostwriter, I write many things in the industry. I write books, eBooks, Blogs and webpages, along with Book proposals and Press Releases.

As I come into contact each day with different clients, it has become clear that most companies don’t even consider publishing an eBook for their business. Most think an eBook is something that will take too long to produce.

Or, many companies still believe that an eBook is something that is unnecessary to have to produce additional business.

This is far from the truth as in today ‘society, the technology available today is pointing to more electronic publications than ever before. Society is now dominantly filled with eBooks across many platforms and different mediums. The truth is not having an eBook can put you behind on various levels and can be a huge negative in many customers minds.

But I understand…It’s a time thing. You are busy with a thousand things on your plate. You just don’t have the time to sit down and write an eBook for your business.

To be bold, not having an eBook could lead to not having any business.

So, if you can’t write the eBook…what is the answer?

Hire a ghostwriter to write it for you. This will free you up to do other important things while your eBook is being written.

Maybe you have considered hiring a ghostwriter to write your eBook? If not, I think you should think a little harder about it. Getting this done by someone else allows you to have something tangible that will exploit your business and be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Having an eBook brings many benefits to you that are overlooked or underestimated as a part of your company marketing strategy.

Let’s dive in…

Brand Recognition-An eBook focuses on your company and what you do well. You do it well, so why not show off and strengthen your brand by putting it into word form for millions of potential customers to read and learn about you and your services? I would.

Product Description Guide-An eBook can be an excellent way to deliver first-hand information on your products or services at a level above what a catalog can do. You can dive in and discuss the huge benefits your products or services has over your competition. This sets you apart from the competition by having a well-produced eBook

Lead Magnet-Creating an eBook to use as either a downloadable give way to generate customer email acquisition is an incredible way to build up your company’s customer database. You can use the list to promote events and product promotion along with additional eBooks for sale to generate passive income.

Downloadable Give away-Offering an eBook as a downloadable giveaway to push your website and services on web visitors is an excellent method of increasing revenue and viable leads.

Passive income Downloadable Sale item-An eBook can be a tangible saleable item on your website to generate income along with income from your product or services.

Speaking Engagement Lead– eBooks can be used today to support building careers as public speakers. The information of you and your product can be downloaded and used to strengthen your brand and reiterate what you do with each speaking event.

Company Internal/External Information Guide-Many companies, large and small, are using eBooks as company business information for employees and customers. Using the eBook to give to each employee you can discuss company policies, guidelines, rules, and directions to follow while being employed with your company.

Employee/Business Mission Strategy and Guide-An eBook for your company that contains your company mission statement along with information on company direction to give to each employee is an excellent tool in maintaining company morale, quality and reassurance throughout your company.

The need for eBooks with your company is growing and having an eBook is cost effective and one of the smartest plays for your marketing efforts. You get more bang for your buck. Instead of investing time and money on short-lived social media posts, an eBook will be around for a long time and has the potential to be seen and shared with thousands over many days weeks, months and years!

The only way to go wrong is not having an eBook for your business. An eBook will generate, leads, increased company awareness, employee morale and most of all large profits you have dreamed about.

If you are curious to learn more about how to get an eBook written for your company. Get in touch with me today. www.ghostwritingusa.com or email me at ghostwriterusa1@gmail.com

Jeffrey Mangus CEO


Author and professional ghostwriter

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