It’s raining here today and I actually love it.


To me, writing while the rain pours is comforting and really opens up my brain to reveal what’s inside.

Along with my cup of coffee, my brain is raring to go so I wanted to address a question that I get 95% percent of the time.

How do you write my book in my voice?

I admit, when I first became a ghostwriter this task was a confusing one.  I was actually nervous and unsure how I could accomplish it.

How am I going to write in a client’s voice?

But then I went back and looked at all of the blog work and webpages along with the many eBook works I have done over the 25+ years I’ve been writing for business. It was there!

I realized I had the skill to write in my client’s voice all along.

Over the course of the years, my clients would ask for certain styles or inflections. They would ask their project to be written in styles such as ass sassy or snappy.

They also ask for me to write in a more informative voice or more authoritative.

I granted those requests without a hitch.

Oh, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not patting myself firmly on my own back.

I just have the ability to actually ghostwrite in a client’s voice and make it seamless that no one knows that it’s not them writing the project. It’s a real skill that’s a mixture of creativity, imagination,  and writing all mixed with firm information all coming together in an organized way.

This is the sole reason…

 I was able to write hundreds of blogs, books, eBooks and webpages from many perspectives. For example, I have written from the perspective of a 65 year old man to a teenager living abroad in India.

How did I do that?

The answer is actually simple.

I listen. I study the tone, inflection and style of my client’s voice. I practice speaking in my mind how my clients talk and keep their image and face in my mind as I write. In my opinion this is not hard to do at all. The key is getting to know my clients to a good comfortable point and learning how they talk and also listening to what they want to say.

Listening and learning about my clients is the first step in writing in my client’s voice. I actually love the challenge and find it fascinating to write as my client. It’s almost as if I’m living precariously through someone else. Sort of like acting in a play just for a little while and I get to pretend to be someone else as I write. It’s actually uplifting and fun.

If you were to hire me as your ghostwriter you and I must connect. And I’m sure we would. It’s important that we get along and understand each other. We will be working together for a while and will come to, in a sort of way, depend on each other to get the job done.  We have to understand each other and I will do my best to learn about you to get the best from you to generate the best book we can write.

That’s why you hire me as your ghostwriter. You want the best book you could make.

And so do I.

I never go into a ghostwriting project half-cocked. I want the best for your book and to achieve those results I know what needs to be done to accomplish that goal.

Oh, here is the best part…

I take pride in writing in your voice and telling your story. Ghostwriting is true skill that most folks don’t have and I’m damn proud that I have the ability to do it.

I know I could do it for you…

If you would like to learn more or have a book idea get in touch with me at or email me at

I’d love to learn how I can make your dreams come true and get that book out into the world.

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