To be a ghost or not be a ghost is the question…

A professional ghostwriter remains a ghost and upholds high standards in keeping clients pertinent information under lock and key.

If you are looking for a ghostwriter to write your book, mak sure the ghostwriter is a professional and upholds his/her word in keeping your confidential information confidential. They must be a trusted professional and willing to keep all lines of communication open. If you don’t feel good talking to a ghostwriter…

Don’t hire them!

What I mean is make sure you talk to your ghost. Get a feel for them. Make sure your personalities mesh. Write to them, video chat, phone call, whatever it takes to make sure you are dealing with the right person for you.

Oh and make sure you are dealing with a real person and not someone out there pretending to be a ghostwriter only to be someone else taking your money.

Professional ghostwriters should take their job serious. A good ghostwriter treats himself as a business, keeps accounting records, shows up on time for client interviews and respects the craft of ghostwriting as a whole.

Oh, but there is more…

There are many so-called ghostwriters who just do not have the goods to be called ghostwriters. There are many who are out for a quick buck and will not uphold any loyalty in keeping your information private. Plus, there are many that will deliver mediocre work at best.

Trust me…

You can find ghostwriters everywhere by doing a simple search but finding a true professional is a little trickier. When you find someone who you might want to work with, take the time to interview your ghostwriter. Meet them and get a feel for that person and make sure they are a good fit for you and your book.


You will be working together for a longer period of time depending on the length and subject matter of your book. It’s best to know upfront that you will get along with that ghostwriter and communication comes fairly easy and open between you both. Plus, you want a damn good book don’t you? A poorly written book will not help you in any way.

Let me guess…you still worry!

I get it. You want and need your information to stay safe and private. A professional ghostwriter understands that a client’s information is private and they are privy to the innermost working, ideas, thoughts, and history of each client. A ghostwriter must be discreet and most of all deliver excellent work chapter by chapter.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong ghostwriter and end up frustrated, exhausted and at major risk of your information leaking out to the world.

A good ghostwriter can change your life by writing excellent copy that will generate a book that can change your career! Getting a bad one can be treacherous to your career. Just don’t risk it.

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