Low down on The Ghostwriting Process

You are probably here and have a book idea?

Let me guess…

You’re ready to go, but you have a few questions…

What exactly does the ghost do?

And how in the world does the writing of your book go?


There is a process.

Every ghostwriter is different and uses different methods to accomplish the goal.

Many ghosts record the author in entirety and write the whole book at one fell swoop. Then go back and edit the whole thing.

Warning…this can get messy.

I take a systematic and slower approach.

I work piece by piece and section by section. Chapter by chapter until all is said and done. That way makes more sense. It is healthy not only for the author but for my sanity and purpose.

Writing a book takes ingenuity, patience, and organization. With that organization is the addressing of the research notes, timelines, source material, vignettes and more.

All of this can get conflicting and lost in translation if things aren’t handled right.

Let’s look at the most practical process a ghostwriter should follow:

  1. Schedule Initial Book Interview-the first step in any book is to interview the author and the author interview the ghostwriter. This simple act can end confusion and will let you know if you can work with that ghostwriter. Your personalities should mesh because you will work with your ghostwriter for a while. The same goes for the ghostwriter. They must get along with you. Not only for compatibility but to get the broad picture and the entire scope of the book.
  2. Book Goals– The books goals and focus should be outlined and kept at the helm throughout the writing. Sitting down with your ghostwriter and defining the purpose of the book and why you want to write it is essential. Having the purpose is this is the lighthouse of your book. This will be beacons of light that keeps you laser-focused throughout the writing of your book. Think of it as your go-to mission statement to keep the book’s focus in full view.
  3. Statement of Work– This is where you and your ghostwriter decide to work together with all expectations and terms in writing for each to understand and agree with.
  4. Aligning of the Book-Brainstorming sessions-This is where you decide on the title, subtitle,  chapters, and subjects of the book. Once decided the next step is to brainstorm on chapter contents, topic subjects and the information to be used to make your book and tell your story.
  5. Timeline of Delivery-This is the designated timeframe you and your ghost decide to have the first draft delivered.
  6. Review of Chapter-you and your ghost meet and review the contents and flow of the chapter. This is the time to take a hard look at the subject matter and ask yourself some questions:
  • Is this going to help my customer or reader?
  • Is the information pushing the book forward?

If the subject matter does not fit either one of these questions, then remove it to make the book precisely the book it deserves to be and stay on track to help your reader until the end. The adage you can fall back onto is this…

A great book Educates, Informs, or Entertains the reader. That’s it and that is grassroots at its finest.

  1. Repeat Steps 5-7 throughout the entire book. Keep at it and work hard by keeping the Reader in your focus. Write words that compel the reader to move forward and crave to know more on every page.

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