Market or go home!

Okay, so you have a book idea.

You had a ghostwriter tell your story and write your book.

That is great news!

But now that we have this established that you are a new author and you have had your book ghostwritten and it is now ready fir the world to read.

You have some work to do.

I bet you’re thinking I already have a ton of things to do!

And you don’t have the extra time to take on another task of marketing your book.

Heres the cold hard facts…

You have to think about marketing your book all the time now that your book is in the world.

It is now your responsibility

There’s a big myth about writing a book that authors get wrong. Most think that getting a traditional publishing deal is the end all. And they do not have to worry about marketing their book. The publisher will do all the work and you the author can sit back and collect the gravy.


That myth is incorrect. When you are an author whether you self-publish or go to the traditional publishing route you are still responsible for marketing your book. Probably even more so than ever!

As a matter of fact writing a book inadvertently establishes you with a new side of your business. Now, you have a book business! Your book is your new business and you have to take care of it. You have to nurture it and put it out there in front of your audience to see any success.

The market is saturated with books on a gazillion topics. You have to push to get ahead and stand out from the crowd. And you have to learn the tools to do that.

Having a book ghost written and telling your story is an incredible step in your journey, but it is only the first step. The work begins once a book is written and when the final manuscript is done and you put it out there, it becomes your responsibility to push it, market it the best way you know and can.

Look, I do get it…

As a non-fiction book writer, you’re in business and know a little bit about marketing. So with that said, any marketer will tell you that you know that you have to take the ball and run with it.

It’s just like a football game on you’re on the 50-yard line and some point you have to pick up the ball go for the first down and go for the touchdown.

Now, it’s a job that must be done every day marketing your new book.

So, let’s talk about a few ways how you can simply Market your book once you have your book ghost written.

Let me ask you a question…?

When is the best time to start marketing your book? The answer is simple.

You should start before the first word is written. Once you have your idea and title, you should be hard pressing it out to your existing clientele or your database. Your audience needs to know your book is coming and will exists.  

Another excellent way to start marketing your book is by building additional relationships with new and existing clients either through your webpage, email list or database.  Do your best to build some new potential clientele and start talking about your book early on.

You can also start a specific blog centered around your book and how it solves problems. Solving problems of your potential reader is critical in the success of your book. Your blog can talk about real world struggles and how your book and the information therein can help people. Plus, it builds credibility in your business.

And if you have a book already written and you have hired a Ghostwriter to clean the manuscript up once again the best time to market that book is as soon as possible. Do it  ASAP  and there are no hard rules and anything is truly fair game.

Another aspect of marketing your book is to how to balance your time in marketing your book.

Look, I get it…

You’re already a busy business person and you have a ton of things to do. I mean this is why you hired a Ghostwriter to write your book in the first place right? But, now you have a book and along with that comes the extra chore on your plate which is to market your book.

 The big question…

 How do you balance your time to market your book and run your company?

Define your time– basically look hard at your time and  what you do when you do have down time. Your book is important and instead of goofing off and wasting time, now you can make the time work for you and get busy marketing your book. Do whatever it takes. Send emails, write letters  and get it out to potential clients.

Define your goals-Look at where you see yourself and your business in 5 years. Look at what you want to accomplish with your book and make that happen. The hard part is to look at what can you potentially give up to make room for book marketing and taking the time to do so.

Hey, no one said it would be easy.

Really look hard at what you can sacrifice to give yourself extra time for book marketing. Is it cutting out TV or spending time with your friends at the bar?

Whatever that is you need to establish that extra time to market your book will pay off in major dividends in the end. Do what you have to now so you can live the way to want later. It is extremely important because once your book is out you have a new job to do.

That job is to get that book out to the world and the only way to do that is to sacrifice and really hit it hard and get in the game.

If you’d like to learn more about ghostwriting and how a ghostwriter can help you write a book,  help you publish your book and also help you get some marketing strategies to get your book out to the world, please get in touch with me at or you can also reach me at I look forward to talking to you and helping you with your book and marketing your book to the world

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