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I speak to many new authors, and every conversation leads to an important question…   

How much does it cost to have you write my book?”

Being transparent, each project is unique and deserves a specific hands-on approach. I never want my services to be revered as “Cookie-Cutter.” You and your book are not cookie-cutter, so why would I treat you in such a manner.

Once we talk, and I learn more about your project, only then can I put together a proposal specific to your book’s pertinent details. 

The best approach is to meet on the phone with a FREE- GET OFF THE GROUND Book Consultation on your book idea. This way, you and I can discuss your book project’s full scope and intent.

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 All of my ghostwriting fees are available with payment plans and options. 

“Jeffrey Mangus guided us through the book writing process, efficiently and maintained communication and guidance throughout. The consummate professional, he made a somewhat daunting task, fun and enjoyable. I 100% recommend him, and am grateful to have crossed paths. ” Debbie Gray MadeinAmerica


My  ghostwriting book packages  include the following:

  • Outline of the book
  • Drafting of the book-(chapter by chapter)
  • Finalize the book and send it to you for the final proof
  • Finalize and send manuscript an independent proofreader
  • Help in obtain your International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Obtain your International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Secure copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office for your book
  • A retail price of the book consultation
  • Obtain the Library of Congress number
  • Write the front and back cover BLURB content
  • Set up your book for the ebook version
  • Write the Amazon page BLURB content
  • Write a press release for your book.
  • Book Publishing assistance with placement of your book in Amazon Kindle and Audible if you choose, I’ll help you publish through Amazon, LuLu and or Ingram spark that reaches over 40,000 retail stores including Books a Million and more!

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Jeffrey A. Mangus Ghostwriter

Jeffrey A. Mangus is a skilled and experienced ghostwriter that will guarantee your book writing experience to be a rewarding one. 

If the decision is made to hire Jeffrey to ghostwrite your next project.  There is an estimated time frame for each project of  3-6 months for completion. The completion of the project is based upon specific criteria, as each book project is unique.  

Contact Jeffrey to discuss your book project.

A Personal Note

Jeffrey A. Mangus is an industry- wide sought business ghostwriter. His writing and experience in finding an author’s voice and message is unparalleled. Jeffrey can capture the essence of the story. 

If you are searching for a ghostwriter, that will provide THE positive experience for your book or project. Get in touch with Jeffrey, and discuss your book project.

“Jeffrey is not only a terrific writer, he is a trusted ghostwriter and made my book writing experience and an incredible one.” Scott G. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The World Needs Your Book! Specializing in non-fiction books, including business/sales, self-help, music and movie star memoirs, inspirational, personal tragedy, autobiographies, memoirs, religious and children's picture books.  I am your GO-TO GHOSTWRITER for anyone with a dream of writing a book who wants to help and has a story to tell.

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(Disclaimer-All conversations and discussions held in the strictest of confidentiality.)