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I offer a FREE Book Consultations on your book idea. I have found through the years of writing for authors that the best approach to get things started on the right foot is for you and me to talk about your book project’s full scope and intent.

Here are the general guidelines on what I do to help you get your book out into the world.

DISCLAIMER-My fees are all-inclusive strictly on a “ghostwriter for hire” basis. I charge nothing extra. Once your project is quoted that is the fee and there are no extra fees or up-charges.  You own all of your work and materials outright. Once work is complete, I do not have any monetary interest or rights, etc.


(Please consider that these are estimates and guidelines only and the cost of your book will depend on your specific circumstances and scope of your book.)

What you get from me as your ghostwriter included in every plan:

  • Outline of the book
  • Title of Book Consultation
  • Drafting of the book-(chapter by chapter)
  • Recorded Transcript sessions
  • provide Editors and professional editing of your manuscript
  • Finalize the book and send it to you for the final proof
  • Finalize and send manuscript an independent proofreader
  • Obtain your International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Secure copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office for your book
  • A retail price of the book consultation
  • Assistance in obtaining the Library of Congress number
  • Write the front and back cover content
  • Blurb for your eBook version
  • Write the Amazon page content
  • Send you the first 5 copies of your book for free!
  • Book Publishing assistance with placement of your book in Amazon Kindle and Audible if you choose, I’ll help you publish through Amazon, LuLu and or Ingram spark that reaches over 40,000 retail stores including Books a Million and more!


Your book or eBook project will be quoted depending on the content, research and length of the book. My ghostwriting work is priced at a flat rate of 0.65 cents per word.  I do understand that everyone has individual budget needs so I quote all book projects individually and do my best to narrow in specific word counts to the best of my ability and help you with your budget. I offer four different financing options and payment plans.  My goal is to help you every way that I can to make your book a reality.

Please get in touch with me today and let’s talk about your book.

Schedule a FREE BOOK CONSULT and I allow me to learn more to help you budget your book the best way possible. I guarantee to make this feasible and enjoyable experience for you.

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  • “Jeffrey delivered my story, in my voice and the best part he helped me with every aspect of the book marketing and publishing process.” “I can’t wait to write my second book. Jeffrey is who I’ll call! David W-Author

Give Yourself a Chance

Don’t let the fees and finances keep you from writing your book. The payoff and notoriety of writing your book will far outweigh the cost.  I am flexible and I work with all of my authors by offering convenient payment plans and options.

Schedule a call with me. It costs nothing and you owe it to yourself to at least check it out.

If you have your book or project ghostwritten by me, you can expect a time frame on an average of 3-6 months on books and 2-4 weeks for eBooks to be written, revised, approved and completed before placing onto the market. I will quote these fees upon consultation.

If you run across any ghostwriter that wants 50% upfront, get away as fast as possible. I only require 15% down to start and monthly payments according to the quoted timeframe. For example, if the book will take 3 months, then 3 monthly payments, if 6 months then six equal monthly payments. The final payment is due upon completion.

A Personal Note:

I will be open. I am not the cheapest and I’m also not the most expensive. However, I am one of the hardest working ghostwriters in the business. I will go out of my way to help you make your book a reality. I’m the working person’s go-to ghostwriter. Trust me you don’t want a cheap ghostwriter to write your book or project. It is the first impressi9on that truly counts and if your book is poorly written—it could be a scar that runs deep and never forgotten.

I’m positive you WILL have the best work and fulfilling experience for your book or project. I’m not your run-of-the-mill ghostwriter who offers sub-par work for sub-par fees.

My ghostwriting work is professional, clean and I will capture your unique voice. It is one of the skills I am very proud of.  You will be pleased with the outcome of your book or project and I will work tirelessly to do so.  I will do my best to make it easy and take the guesswork out of the cost of doing a book project with me.

The World Needs Your Book!

Schedule a FREE 30-minute BOOK CONSULT with me and let’s talk about your new book project with NO OBLIGATION!