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I have written books for clients around the world on topics ranging from self-help, Inspiration, Thought leadership, Economics, Innovation, Business, time-management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Autobiographies, Creative Nonfiction  and Memoirs. Allow me to help you every step to publication!

I have award-winning books with some of the world’s Big-Four Publishers including HARPER COLLINS, HARPER COLLINS LEADERSHIP, HARPER COLLINS FOCUS, ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD, HIGH BRIDGE AUDIO, and AUDIBLE

Download my pricing sheet here:

Book Authority Creation Pricing Sheet

  • Outline of the book
  • Drafting of the book-(chapter by chapter)
  • Finalize the book and send it to you for the final proof
  • Finalize and send manuscript an independent proofreader
  • Help in obtain your International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Obtain your International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Secure copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office for your book
  • A retail price of the book consultation
  • Obtain the Library of Congress number
  • Write the front and back cover BLURB content
  • Set up your book for the ebook version
  • Write the Amazon page BLURB content
  • Write a press release for your book.

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Jeffrey A. Mangus Ghostwriter

Jeffrey A. Mangus is a skilled and experienced ghostwriter that will guarantee your book writing experience to be a rewarding one. 

If the decision is made to hire Jeffrey to ghostwrite your next project.  There is an estimated time frame for each project of  3-6 months for completion. The completion of the project is based upon specific criteria, as each book project is unique.  

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A Personal Note

Jeffrey A. Mangus is an industry- wide sought business ghostwriter. His writing and experience in finding an author’s voice and message is unparalleled. Jeffrey can capture the essence of the story. 

If you are searching for a ghostwriter, that will provide THE positive experience for your book or project. Get in touch with Jeffrey, and discuss your book project.

“Jeffrey is not only a terrific writer, he is a trusted ghostwriter and made my book writing experience and an incredible one.” Scott G. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The World Needs Your Book! Specializing in non-fiction books, including business/sales, self-help, music and movie star memoirs, inspirational, personal tragedy, autobiographies, memoirs, religious and children's picture books.  I am your GO-TO GHOSTWRITER for anyone with a dream of writing a book who wants to help and has a story to tell.

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