The OTHER Incredible Benefits of Writing a Book

When I lost my left leg,  I was confronted with a new life I never expected and the seed was planted within me to write a book to help others.

However, there was something even  bigger waiting for me…

A new career in which I  truly love—ghostwriting books.

As I was healing, I felt in my heart, writing a book outlining my harrowing near-death experience would provide a first-hand account of my experience and could help someone else through their journey.

I saw an immediate need to dive deep into what others were not talking about. And with my search I uncovered a world I didn’t know existed and most of all…

I didn’t know my journey was just beginning.

I soon discovered the beauty and power of the written word. It amazes me how words, written in such a manner, can have such a profound effect on people’s lives.

This is what I love most about writing for other authors. I get a front-row seat into their spectacular lives and help them pull out  what is inside of them that will help others.

There are many incredible benefits in writing a book besides the obvious such as making money and getting leads for your business.

Let’s dive in and look at more…

Tell your unique story

Writing a book allows you to tell the world your unique story. Your story is unique just as each of us has our own, personal story filled with experiences only we have endured. Only you have experienced the things you have and no one else. You have lived your life filled with its own mountains and valleys and writing a book lets you bring those experiences into the light to help, guide, and inspire others. Writing a book is your — one-of-a-kind unique story.

Help others

A book is something that can enlighten, brighten and uplift a person who is experiencing a downside in their life. Your words can help solve a problem and provide a solution the reader has been looking for. It is an honor to help others through your personal skillset and experiences. Writing a book provides you, the author, this opportunity to help others.

Build positive recognition

Credibility and integrity are some of the hardest aspects to build throughout your life. And once those are muddied or damaged, it is almost impossible to get them back. Especially in the eyes of others. A book strengthens your credibility and supports your vision and helps build positive recognition for you and your business and family life. Your skillset, written in a book provides insight into who you are and what you stand for, uplifting you and your character amongst your peers family and customers.

Build a career

Writing your book could be the jumpstart needed to building a lasting career in your field. A book could last for hundreds of years and be a building block to launching a career in your field by shedding light on your expertise. People will come and find expertise to help them solve a problem. Writing a book can be the beginning of a whole new life for you and your family.

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