The REAL Process of ghostwriting

Each day as a ghostwriter I speak to many potential new authors about their projects and ideas.

I love hearing people’s ideas on what they want to write about and in most instances, one question that pops up is about the ghostwriting process.

Being more specific, I get a lot of questions about how long it takes to write a book and how the process goes.

I have a specific process which in my mind is the best process for me and my clients, Other ghostwriters may work in different manners but this is how I prefer to work to make the experience enjoyable and less confusing for everyone.

For me, I work hard to make your book writing experience exciting and fun.

My ghostwriting process goes as follows:

Initial book consultation interview-I meet with the author and go over basic details of the idea for their book. I give insight on how I can help them make it happen.

Non-Disclosure Agreements signed-Before anything goes further, I always feel comfortable having a Non-disclosure agreement in place to protect both parties. I hold confidentiality with the highest regard.

Discussion of terms-Once we have the NDA’s in place, we discuss pertinent terms of the book as far as the length of the book, fees, payments, and timelines.

Statement of work signed by both parties-Once we have agreed upon terms, I deliver a signed statement of work depicting all the terms agreed upon in our discussion. Each of us signs the SOW before moving to the next phase.

Set up an outline of the book meeting-We agree upon a time and place to discuss the overview of the book and outline of the subjects. This is the foundation of the book. You can’t build a house without foundation and this is the critical first step in the ghostwriting process.

Interview for the first chapter-We meet online and interview for the first chapter. This allows you as the author to tell your story from your words and perspective for me to interpret and study.

Write the first chapter-I get busy writing the first chapter from the notes and recording of our first chapter interview.

Send back to the author for revisions and edits-Once I finish writing the first chapter, I send back over to you for your additions, revision requests, and other ideas.

Rewrite-revise chapter and send back to the author for finalization.-You send back with your revision requests and I get busy writing those revisions. Once complete I send back over to you for review and finalization.

Move on the next chapter- Once the first chapter is exactly the way you want it, only then do we move onto the next chapter.

The entire process repeats in the same manner until each chapter is complete and once done we have a manuscript you, the author, is satisfied with.

I send off the manuscript to specific editors on my staff for editing, proofreading, copyediting, formatting, clean up, structure and flow analysis.

Final manuscript delivered to author-Once the editing is complete I give the manuscript another last go overlooking for anything that seems quirky out of place, small typos, etc. When I am satisfied I have done the absolute best for your book, I send over the manuscript as final delivery.

Self-publishing help if required- If you require help in publishing your book I work with you one-on-one through the process to help you get the book done and begin your marketing process.

Book proposal written (separate negotiation)-if you are thinking of pursuing a traditional publishing deal you will need a book proposal written. I can write your book proposal to sell your book to major publishers. This would be a separate assignment and different terms and fees.

If you would like to learn more about my ghostwriting process or have a book idea you want to discuss, please schedule a free book consultation at or email me with questions at I look forward to learning how I can help.

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