TOP 10 SECRET Reasons You Want to Write a book.


Writing a book is something we hear people say all the time.

“I should write a book about that!”


We have all heard this or made this statement at least once in our lives.


The truth is that 99% of the people say they want to write a book…Do Not.

They never put pen to paper and great ideas fade away, never to be seen or heard of again.


What are your reasons to write a book?


I wanted to expose the top 10 major secrets why you want to write a book. I challenge you to examine these honestly.


I hope that they inspire you to rise above and be one of the 1% that DO write their book.


Let’s dive in…


  1. You feel you are a writer at heart, and you need to write. I’m a firm believer that every one of us can be a writer. We are all unique and never share the same story. Your story is one-of-a-kind and only you can tell it. Writing a book offers you the opportunity to get your story out into the world, to live, breathe, and carry on your thoughts and dreams for years to come.


  1. You want to achieve and amass wealth-When the world learns of your brilliance and your book provides the answers to people’s problems, the desire to have the answers in their hands, pushes them to purchase your words. When your book touches their soul, helps them, or motivates them to do something in their lives. Wealth will come your way.


3. You want to experience the notoriety– Having a book written is an accomplishment of the highest regards. It is difficult to write a book. It takes the drive, time and immense effort. A book is a path to ensure your peers, co-workers, friends, and the surrounding community learns of your book. When this happens, notoriety and all the benefits of it allow you to hold your head high. Notoriety is earned and deserved when writing your book.


  1. You are embracing forever-This life, as we know it, is short. Life flies by like mists of fog flowing through a keyhole. Writing a book will allow your dreams, hopes, and ideas to live forever within your words. You enjoy your life and you want your thoughts and beliefs to carry on after you are gone. There is nothing wrong with that.


5. You want to write about what you know best- You have perfected a skill. You have spent a lifetime developing your skill to be at the top of your game. What is wrong with sharing your knowledge to help others along the way? Writing a book can do just that. A book can lift you up and expose your skills or service and give you the opportunity to “toot your own horn” and show the world what you do. Writing a book that solves a problem for others and you cannot go wrong.


  1. You want the title professional Author– Writing a book, places you on a different path and sets you apart from the crowd. Not everyone writes. And not everyone writes a book. Achieving the bucket list tasks of writing a book is worthy of praise and accolades. Writing a book will give you the right and honor to call yourself an author.


  1. You want to increase your knowledge. As you sit down to write your book, you will find that your mind will think clearly. You will gain insight and knowledge you never dreamed possible. By writing your book, you will see yourself become smarter. The book and the words within will open your mind to new avenues of learning, memories, and skill sets that increase over writing the book. Your brain is a muscle and when writing, the brain gets stronger and soaks up more information. You learn and get smarter.


  1. You want to have fun with a new challenge-Writing a book is an endeavor. By applying your thoughts to written words on the page, will give you the clarity to adapt and face the challenge ahead. As we write each word, you come closer to hitting your goal. This is the hard part and the main reason most people don’t want to put forth the effort into writing a book. It is difficult but will uplift your spirit and push you to meet the challenge. When you type the last word, the feeling you get of accomplishment is overwhelming.


  1. You want to write about your passion– We all have things in our life that drive us. Things we love and want to pursue. The lucky ones make a living doing what they love. You have a Passion for something, writing a book is a way to solidify what you know. Tell the world what you are passionate about and what you know. Having a book on your passion is an excellent reason to write your book.


10. You want to make your dream come true. You have dreamed of writing a book since you were little. You have always wanted to hold a book of your very own, in your hands and be able to flip the pages and view your words. If this is you, don’t wait…


Begin today.


Write the book of your dreams. Don’t waste a second. Get it out into the world. Live your life, follow your passions and write your dreams.


Only you can make it happen.


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