What type of client are You?

Part of the excitement in hiring a ghostwriter for your project is finding the right one. Finding the right ghostwriter to fit your personality and you get along with well is so important.

It’s important enough it is a major decision.



Your personalities must mesh because working on a book project can take a long while. It could take months and even possibly and year to complete.

So, learning and understanding how you want to work and what type of client you will be is essential.

What do I mean the type of client?

Let’s dive in…

One thing I’ve learned as a ghostwriter is that everyone is different. Every personality and every client is not the same.

Knowing how to deal, cope and learn about each client’s personality is essential in the process.

So, I ask you, reader…

What type of client, are you? Understanding how you want to work with your ghostwriter and how you want the process to go should be examined beforehand as you are looking to hire a ghostwriter.

Here we go…

Let’s explore the different types of clients you could be to help you figure out what type of client you are.

Hoverer- Maybe you are what we call a hoverer and you are the type that expects a ghostwriter to come work at your office under your supervision. While the ghostwriter is there, you feel the need to examine the work every 30 minutes to see if everything is on track. If this is you, then be upfront with your ghostwriter this how you want it to be. Being upfront about this part of your personality will help the book writing process and relationship stay on track.  A hoverer is a type that wants to read every portion up-close and examine it every step of the way. If this is you make sure the ghostwriter knows.

I have found that the best way to handle a client that is a hoverer to make sure I comply with their wishes along with being patient.

KNOW IT ALL– Are you the type of client that feels as if you know what you need and don’t need anyone else’s input about the process?? That’s okay if this is you. Make sure your personality and how you feel you are is known by the ghostwriter. Be honest about and the ghostwriter can know what to expect.  A know it all is the type that really wants to be present and look closely at everything being written as soon as it is written. A person who leans to being a know it all questions research and examines the material with a fine-tooth comb. You question how a ghostwriter arrives at conclusions and examines research material with a magnifying glass. If this is you, once again make sure you are upfront with any potential ghostwriter you want to work this way. Be specific about the job and the working relationship.  Let them know that you want to be up close and one on one through the process.

SCARED RABBIT -Are you afraid of what people will think of your book? Are you petrified of what kind of criticism your friends and family will deliver? If this is you might be a called a Scared Rabbit Client. If you have a timid personality, allow your ghostwriter to guide you through the process. A good ghostwriter will walk you through the process and support you. Plus, a good well-written book will take away a lot of the Scared Rabbit syndrome. You will feel confident and the fear will go away. This I guarantee.

Knowing who you are and what type of client you will be is the absolute positive start to hiring a ghostwriter that will fit your specific personality to write your book project. Knowing how you want to work and figuring out your personality is essential to make your project a success.

COPY CAT Client- This is the type of client that in all honesty, you do not want to be. A copycat client is one that compiles a bunch of other peoples’ materials and tries to pass them off as your own. This is a huge infraction to literature. And to be blunt, this is plagiarism. It is against copyright law and you do not want to be a perpetrator of such acts. But I have ran into authors who have compiled complete manuscripts from other people’s work. I always advise on starting from scratch and make it my number one rule to never even entertain revising or reworking someone else’s materials. If you are this client, my advice is to start fresh and create your own words and magic by telling your story and your expertise. This is your chance to shine and seize it!  Allow your ghostwriter to tell your story. You are a one of a kind and should your book be.

Determining the type of client you are is an essential step in working with any ghostwriter to get your book project done. Understanding who you are and how you would like to make things work is an important step that can’t be missed.  Talk to any potential ghostwriter and be upfront with everything and I promise, everything will fall into place and a successful be will be born into the world.

If you would like to learn more and talk about any type of ghostwriting book project please get in touch with me and schedule a call at http://meetme.so/ghostwritingusa or email ghostwriterUSA1@gmail.com

Written by Jeffrey A. Mangus CEO


Copyright 2019


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