Why Is Your Ghostwriter Charging a Hefty Fee?

The day has come…

Today is the day you decide you want to write your book.

Good for you!

But, you don’t have the time to sit down and write a long book, but you know in your heart you want to and need to.

You also know that you can hire a ghostwriter to write your book.

Easy enough…

But you know you don’t have the time to get it done.

Maybe you are considering hiring a ghostwriter but struggling with the cost of hiring one?

Look… I get it.

Money and cost are important.

Ever wonder why ghostwriters charge higher fees to write a book?

Before you decide that the hefty fees are too much and you put your book project on hold…

Just know…

The money you spend on your book is an investment in you.

The value you get from hiring a ghostwriter far outweighs the monetary initial investment.

Let me talk about it…

Being a ghostwriter and being on the other side, there are specific reasons a ghostwriter charges the fees that we do.

I have broken it down into five specific reasons and I call it the TORSE method of why the fees are higher than expected but worth every cent.

Time- The time to write a book of any length is a huge consideration to embark on. The physical act of writing a book say, 60,000 words is a task that just takes time. It boils down to the physical aspect as a whole. For example, the average person can type 2000 words per day. There are writers who can do more than that, but in honesty, that’s just putting words on the page. That’s not perfect prose and grammar, etc.

The physical action of writing, revising and editing good solid work an average 2000 words per day takes time and effort. So writing say 10,000 words that could take a week or two. Maybe even longer with research and source verification. We will get into that. It takes time to sit and write a book and the value comes in the being able to allocate the time to do so.

Organization-organization is crucial to a successful ghostwriting book project. Keeping notes and sources along with chapter subjects together is vital to keeping on track and avoiding confusion during the project. Confusion can lead to anger and frustration and the book writing project needs to be fun and engaging for both ghostwriter and author client.

Research-Researching information and taking the time do so is vital, and another reason ghostwriters charge the fees we do. Research is a task necessary frequently and if your book is an in-depth topic, a good ghostwriter will research. Researching falls back on the first tow time and organization.

Skill- The skill set of a good ghostwriter to write and inflect the voice of the author is critical in every way to a successful book. Developing the skill set to write and additionally the ability to write in someone else’s voice, telling their story without putting themselves into the story is a skill set that is developed over time and with experience. With experience comes true value and the main reason a ghostwriter puts a value on his fees on this vital skill a ghostwriter must possess.

Execution- Execution of everything that we have talked about and putting the words and outline and the manuscript together is the last piece of the answer as to why a good ghostwriter charges the fees that we do. It takes time, organization, research and skill set to put a final period on a good well-written manuscript. Putting the manuscript together and making that happen is the key piece to why a ghostwriter charges the fees we do.

The fees a ghostwriter charges are necessary because of the work involved and don’t let the fees keep you from writing your book. If you don’t have the time or the know-how to get it written, let a ghostwriter step in and tell your story. It will be the best money you ever spend on yourself.


Your book will last a lifetime and more!

That’s money well spent.

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