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Don't have time to write your book?
Are you a busy professional who needs a book written without disrupting your life and livelihood?
Do you want and need to write a book proposal?
Have a book idea but don't know how to write a professional manuscript?

I can solve these problems and make your dream of being a published author a reality.

Jeffrey A. Mangus CEO

  • Trusted Ghostwriting Professional
  • Professional Level Member of Association of Ghostwriters.
  • Member of Non-Fiction Authors’ Association
  • Author and Book Consultant.
  • Books written for Top Five Major publishers: Harper Collins, Harper Collins Business, harper Collins leadership, Harper Collins, Focus Rowman & Littlefield, High Bridge Audio and Audible among many other independent publishers

I am super excited to announce my new book with Rowman & Littlefield.

AMPossible-Real-World Solutions for Amputees to Accomplish the Impossible


Proud to announce my new book HIRING YOUR GHOST is now available on Amazon and many other retailers across the country.

This is THE Go-to Guide in finding the perfect ghostwriter for your book project. 

Jeffrey Mangus is the author of his new book coming in 2021 with Rowman and Littlefield- AMPOSSIBLE-Real Solutions For Every Amputee to Make the Impossible Possible.
My latest book BOOK PROPOSAL MAGIC- Essential Guide on Writing a Winning and Selling Book Proposal with a Ghostwriter is now available on Amazon!

Are you a new author, individual, professional businessperson, CEO, entrepreneur, celebrity, musician, public speaker, or coach looking to increase your brand, show authority, generate more business, build client relations, or simply want to tell your story? 

Five-time bestselling author and ghostwriter Jeffrey A. Mangus helps authors around the globe tell the world their incredible story.

Jeffrey has worked for the world’s top professionals and new book authors in placing their real-world knowledge, experience, and expertise into a professionally written book.

Jeffrey A. Mangus has ghostwritten sixteen (16) award winning and bestselling books for many of THE BIG-FIVE Publishers Including:

  • Harper Collins
  • Blackstone
  • Harper Collins Leadership
  • Harper Collins Focus
  • Rowman & Littlefield
  • Audible
  • Highbridge Audio

Jeffrey’s focus is ghostwritten works in nonfiction categories and genres, including:

Self Help

Personal Tragedy
True Crime Non-fiction
Children’s Picture Books.

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"I am so happy to have finally written my book and Jeffrey did an amazing job! A true professional and a ghostwriter that I see putting many aspiring writers on the path to success!"
Sarah P.

Industries I specialize in as a ghostwriter, but not limited too:

Why Hire Me As A Ghostwriter

Are You a Business leader? 

Non-fiction, business books are the most direct way to do multiple factors for your business. Essential Benefits of writing a book include: 

  • Lead Magnets
  • Lead Generation
  • Residual Income
  • Personal Book Goal
  • Increased Sales
  • Passive Income
  • Book Business Cards
  • Corporate usage

Every company and business has a unique story, a one-of-a kind perspective that can only come from your business expertise. The world needs to know about it.

It is proven that in today’s business climate, a book or eBook is a vital ingredient to longevity and long-term success.


A Message From Jeff

The World Needs Your Book. Are you as an author who wants to tell your incredible story, achieve the highest notoriety, build your brand, increase market share, generate leads, and or increase back of the room sales? I can help you every step of the way. Perhaps you desire to place yourself at the TOP of your field by putting into words your skills, your life, and your expertise. If so, you and I should talk. Maybe you are a hectically scheduled business leader and don't have the necessary time to write a book? I know I can help. Are you a corporate giant, CEO, celebrity, or top industry figure and need a book ghostwritten yesterday? Get in touch and let me make that happen.

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