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Specializing in non-fiction books, including business/sales, self-help, music and movie star memoirs, inspirational, personal triumph/tragedy, religious, autobiographies, and children's picture books.

I am your Go-To Ghostwriter for anyone who dreams of writing a book to sell, to help or has a story to tell.

Jeffrey A. Mangus CEO

  • Trusted Ghostwriting Professional
  • Professional Level Member of Association of Ghostwriters
  • Member of Non-Fiction Authors Association
  • Author, and Book Consultant
  • Written books for some of the world’s largest  Top five publishers: Harper Collins, Rowman & Littlefield, High Bridge Audio and many other independent publishers


You Have A Book Inside You…I know you do.

Do you want to write a book, but don’t know how to get started?

Whatever type of book you have in mind I can ghostwrite it for you.

I cover most genres of books and manage everything from Sales/Business books, Self-Help, Inspirational, Motivational, Music, and Movie Star Memoirs, Personal Tragedy, Autobiographies, Memoirs, Religious and Children’s Picture Books.  I am your GO-TO GHOSTWRITER.

  • Personal One-on-One Ghostwriting Service. (First Page-to-Print)
  • Completely Confidential Ghostwriting Services

  • Multi-faceted Non-Fiction Genre Specialist

  • True Author Voice Capture 

  • Author Retains All the Rights to their Work

  • Full Length Non-Fiction Books Starting at $25,000

  • Flexible and Affordable Payment Plans Available

I have ghostwritten for many of THE BIG-FIVE Publishers Including HARPER COLLINS, ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD and HIGHBRIDGE AUDIO.  My process is professional, easy, and affordable. I guide you through my seven-step process one-on-one. When we are finished you will have a professionally edited, proofread, copyedited manuscript suitable and ready for publication.

Your manuscript will be written with expertise and care guaranteeing your new book to be the highlight of your life.

YOUR WORDS to live on Forever.

With me ghostwriting your book—you will have a non-fiction book of  your dreams, ready for every major book retailer, online and offline, and formatted for  digital E-Book, paperback, hardcover and audio book. 


I want to reiterate that I guarantee your full ownership of your book and work; YOUR WORK IS YOURS. I hold all client information within the strictest of confidentiality. I remain in full anonymity.  I am a ghostwriter and behind the scenes. I am invisible. It is your book. I never disclose your information, projects, book titles and or names unless asked.

I encourage you to at least schedule a FREE BOOK Consultation here at https://ghostwritingusa.com/contact/ at and let’s talk about your project. There is no commitment, No Sales tactics, No time-wasting.  

I help everyone become authors from entrepreneurs, celebrities, musicians, companies, recording artists, politicians, business owners, marketing agencies, literary agents and publishing houses large or small, and more!

I want to help you ghostwrite your book.


"I am so happy to have finally written my book and Jeffrey did an amazing job! A true professional and a ghostwriter that I see putting many aspiring writers on the path to success!"
Sarah P.

Industries I specialize in as a ghostwriter, but not limited too:

  • Business
  • Real Estate
  • Innovation
  • Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Health
  • Music
  • Self-Help
  • Inspiration
  • Pet Industry

Why Hire Me As A Ghostwriter

Your Book Needs To Be Written.

Your non-fiction business has a story. Your business needs a book. Your business needs content. I’m the ghostwriter that will tell your story to the world in your voice and watch your sales soar! A book is a cornerstone to any brand and successful business.

Everyone Has a Story.

Your company and your business all have a unique story and what you have to offer. The world needs to know about it. It is proven that in today’s business climate, a book or eBook is a vital ingredient to longevity and success.

Increase Sales! Increase Lead Generation! Skyrocket Your Brand!

A book or eBook will do all of these things and more! Plus, generate residual income for LIFE!

I Help You From The Beginning To Print.

If you are on the fence on deciding if a book is for you, or if you are searching for that one ghostwriter who will “Get you”… I am the one you seek. Not only will I write your book and tell your story, I will help you every step of the way to get your book published. From the first word to a finished product I will be there with you every step of the way.

It Is YOUR book!

The best news about it all is that I am a ghost. A phantom writer and the work is all YOURS! Our relationship will be completely confidential and the world will never know that I have written your book. You will get and take all credit. This is why I love being a ghost. I love to help business owners just like you be successful…all from the wings. I prefer it that way.

Author Publishing Assistance!

I will help get your book to Market! The entire book publishing process is fully included. I will assist you in making sure your book will be on Amazon, multiple retail channels and distributed to over 40,000 national stores through Ingramspark, LuLu and KDP. And to reiterate my confidence in your book and project, I’ll send you the first 15 complimentary copies of your book.

A Message From Jeff

The World Needs Your Book! Do You Have a Book Idea? It doesn't matter what kind of book, I can make your Book Dream a reality. Non-Fiction, Sales/Business, Self-Help, Memoirs, Autobiographies.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute BOOK CONSULT with me and let’s talk about your new book project with NO OBLIGATION!