My ghostwriting process is a simple one. You and I will be working One-On-One during the initial phase and throughout the book. Communication and understanding is vital between us. It is imperative that you and I are a good fit for your book’s sake. All channels of communication will be open for the best outcome of your book.

The most important aspect of writing your book is that you trust me as your ghostwriter. You must trust me and that I’ll keep your information in the highest regard to confidentiality along with being discreet, and respectful in keeping your information confidential.

Once we start the process of gathering every detail and once I have the information I need, I will begin writing the first chapter. We will analyze voice, tone and information chapter by chapter until you have your story told in your book.

We will meet every two weeks for updates and any outlying information needed for the book as I write.

Services Includes:


My specialty is ghostwriting non-fiction books, ebooks, web pages and Blogs. Do you have a book in you?  Does your company need a book to help sales and build your brand? Of course, you do! Every business or business leader needs a book to strengthen sales. This is more evident today than ever!

Non-fiction books also tell a story. Your unique story. Your book is yours as I write behind the scenes and tell your story to the world. Haven’t you always wanted to write a book? Now is your chance.

eBooks For Business

In today’s business driven world, eBooks have become a vital ingredient in capturing potential customers, and showing the world your business expertise.

Every business needs a good information packed eBook to help lead generation, customer acquisition and increase profit. Use an eBook to capture emails to increase your customer database. An eBook will pay for itself in no time!

Web pages

I create customer acquisition driven web page copy that your company needs. My copy will hit your target audience, and reach the top rankings of Google and all search engines. Ask yourself if your company is ready to experience the complete difference and have a website that will reach customers…hands-down.

Ghostwriting Blogs

Blog content has grown to be a major factor in driving customers to your site and to your product online and offline. Precise, compelling blog content is essential to survive in today’s climate. I specialize in providing strong, compelling, snappy, tone driven blog content guaranteed to reach your target customer and keep them there. My blog content will make them take action.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are now an essential ingredient in your content strategy for your business success. Compelling copy that gets your message across and makes a social media target audience click and take and action is not an easy feat. My copy will bring your customers to your door through all social media platforms.

Other Ghostwriting Specialties

I do perform ghostwriting in other aspects such as email sales writing, press releases, Case Studies Video Scripts, and more! If you need a particular service please reach out to me. I would love to talk to you about your project.

The World Needs Your Book! Specializing in non-fiction books, including business/sales, self-help, music and movie star memoirs, inspirational, personal tragedy, autobiographies, memoirs, religious and children's picture books.  I am your GO-TO GHOSTWRITER for anyone with a dream of writing a book who wants to help and has a story to tell.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute BOOK CONSULT with me and let’s talk about your new book project with NO OBLIGATION!
(Disclaimer-All conversations and discussions held in the strictest of confidentiality.)