Do you have a book idea? And you think it’s time you finally write the book of your dreams?

This is incredible news and I say good for you!

This is the first step to seeing your book come to life!

Having the dream, stepping up to see it through and deciding to write a book is a difficult decision and one you must make sure you want to do.

The good news…

You are not alone. There are many soon to be authors, entrepreneurs, along with small and large business owners, who have seen the need to have a business book written.

The only snag…

They need someone else to write it for them either due to time constraints, or the simple fact they don’t really know how to write a book.

No problem…

Having a book written by a ghostwriter has become something that is acceptable, as many celebrities and politicians have had books written by ghostwriters.

Why?  They set a goal to get their book out into the world.

A book is now revered as a long-term calling card. An in-depth business card that allows your customers, clients and target audience to dig in and get to know you and your services first hand. Having a book is the ultimate way to represent you as an expert in your field and a launchpad for major publicity. A book opens doors to media opportunities and avenues you not could reach before your book was published.

This keeps you and your business in their minds and on the bookshelves for years to come.

Some questions remain…

How do you hire a ghostwriter and what are the best ways to hire a ghostwriter for you and your project?

Hiring a ghostwriter is for people who understand their limitations and who don’t have the skill — or the time — to write a book. This is where the ghostwriter steps in runs with the ball.

The challenge is finding a good ghostwriter that will fit your personality and get the job done well. You need a ghostwriter with experience and one who understands you and your business. It is perfectly acceptable to ask if the ghostwriter has worked and written in your field.


Now, please know that not every ghostwriter has written in every field. There are great ghostwriters who can write in many fields and takes it upon themselves to learn and research your industry to write your book. So, if you find a ghostwriter you feel confident in hiring, and they haven’t written in your field, my advice is to go with your instincts. Make sure the ghostwriter understands that you will require him or her to do the research involved in learning the industry.

Let’s dive in…

Knowing what type of book project you desire and having a definitive goal is the best way to go about hiring a ghostwriter. This will help you pinpoint the person that will be right for your project.

Here are a few handy questions you need to ask yourself before approaching hiring a ghostwriter:

  • Will my book be a onetime project, or will I have other books written?
  • What type of book plan do I want? Traditional published, or self-publish?
  • Do I want an eBook as well?
  • Are you going to use your book to promote speaking and media engagements?
  • Do you want your book to produce passive and residual income for your business?
  • How long do you want your book? Determine an estimate on pages or word count. (This will help your budget)
  • When do you want your book to be done? (Take in mind a book project can span over 3-6 months)
  • What type of money do you want to invest in your book project? (Look closely at your budget. A book project, depending on length and subject can run between $7000-$50,000)

Asking yourself these hard questions and being honest with yourself is the best way to hire a ghostwriter to write your book. Hiring a ghostwriter is a collaboration as you will work with each other for quite a while. Having all the answers ironed out at the onset sets the pace for the relationship long-term. Trust me…

You want the book writing experience to be fun and exhilarating and so does the ghostwriter.

By knowing the answers will save you and your ghostwriter time, frustration, confusion and most of all allow the ghostwriter to relax, dig in and do the best job on your book. Doing this puts you one step closer to getting your book completed and out to the world.

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