What type of Client are you?

Writing a book and deciding to write a book is a huge endeavor.

Taking on the duty and responsibility is a big decision. If you own a business, in most instances, it is safe to say you are busy and run short of time daily.

When I owned my real estate companies, it seemed every second of every day was consumed and I struggled to find time to do anything extra outside of my business.

So, I understand where you are at this moment.

I was responsible for the entire company’s marketing pieces and that kept me writing.

I look back and know that I was blessed and lucky at the same time to do both.


Malcolm Gladwell had a famous quote that applied to me and will apply to you in your career. He once said in the book Outliers, “That it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.” 

This was me over the years honing and practicing my craft. I believe in this statement as I do believe it takes at least 10,000 hours to be great at writing. It takes time behind the keyboard.

This is the main reason we are all here reading this post.

Most business managers, CEOs are to busy to take on a monumental task in writing a book. Most, have not the time invested to be good at writing.

This is where a ghostwriter comes into play.

If you are here looking to hire a ghostwriter, understanding what type of client you are and why you need to write a book is the essential step in seeing the book come to the market.

Asking, what type of client am I? Understanding your main reasons to hire a ghostwriter is essential in the success of your book project.

Let’s dive in…

Recognizes the lack of WRITING talent. First, let me say this is perfectly acceptable. Not everyone is a writer. The same as not everyone is a plumber or race car driver. Writing takes a special skill and if you don’t have the skills, but are at the top of your game, writing a book, telling your story is the way to go. Hiring a ghostwriter to perform the actual writing and the telling of your story is fantastic. If this is you, don’t worry. Its all good and get that book written. A ghostwriter writes but remember…

It is your story.

Not The Skills-Maybe you are very busy and you understand you do not have the sharpened skills to craft a marketable manuscript for publication. Once again, this is perfectly acceptable. Recognizing what you do and don’t well is important and if you lack the skill to write a book, hiring a ghostwriter to do it for you is the answer.

Do Not Have the Time-If you are here and your company demands your immediate attention at all times, it’s difficult to pull away and find time to sit and write a book. You are a busy business person and like many others around the world,  lack the time to sit down and pen a book. Hiring a ghostwriter is the key ingredient to getting your book out to the world.

Realizing The Craft-Maybe you have tried to sit down and draft up your story. Once you began,  you realized that writing is a true craft and takes certain skills. Skills you don’t necessarily possess.  Yes, writing is a craft and takes years to hone and sharpen the skills. Writing your book is important and leaving it up to a professional ghostwriter is the smart play to get your dream accomplished.

Great Writer-No Desire– Maybe you have sat down and written a manuscript but understand that you don’t have the long-term interest in finishing the project. This is ok too. Writing a book takes time, effort and patience. If you are running your business and you have other interest than sitting down and writing a book, hiring a professional ghostwriter is the answer.

Whatever your situation is currently or whatever type of client you are, I am glad you are here. You are here because you are searching for the right ghostwriter to fit you and your project. I understand and no matter what stage you are in or mindset, hiring a ghostwriter to perform the task and getting your book out into the world is always a positive move forward with your business, your dreams and your life.

Make it happen!

I would love to learn how I can help you make your book dreams a reality. If you have a book idea, please get in touch with me at ghostwriterusa1@gmail.com or schedule a FREE book consult at  http://meetme.so/ghostwritingusa

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