5 Superior Reasons to Write a Book

As a ghostwriter, I have seen and written many books and eBooks along with blogs and webpages for many new authors. I always get a thrill in talking to new aspiring authors who want to write a book and tell their story.

Deciding to write a book is a big step. An even bigger step is moving forward in the process and begin writing. If you are at this stage and are searching for a ghostwriter to write your book, one of the main aspects to consider is the reasons you are writing in your book.

Understanding the plan and where you want to go with your book, along with what you intend to accomplish is essential in the success of your book. From my experience, having a book in today’s business world has become mandatory. A book has become a leading tool to increase your business.
Besides increased business, there are multiple reasons a new author would write a book and tell their story…

Let’s dive in:

Unique Perspective- Writing a book brings to the world your unique perspective on the skill set you have. With a book, you as a business owner will deliver to the world, what you know and put it into the written word. Writing a book for your business is a major life-event of extreme importance. It is exciting and also liberating while through the process, can help sort through feelings, observations, ideas, and thoughts, along with emotions you are experiencing in your life.

Build your brand– Operating a business has many cogs in the wheel of progress. If you have a business and or just beginning to see your business grow using a book to implement a strong marketing strategy is one of the best methods in today’s business climate. Writing a book, showing your expertise in your given field or service, presents to your target audience a close-insight into you and your brand.

Your book, used in this manner, will strengthen any perception of you to your specific consumer market, thus increasing your brand and brand awareness. Your book can be used as an absolute living and working business card, pamphlet and brochure wrapped up into one. A book will work for you in strengthening your brand and brand recognition.

To Generate Leads– Every business, large or small, needs more customers or leads. As a new business, you must keep customers flowing to increase sales and profits. Writing a book for your company will work for you as a lead generation tool as you can use the book as a giveaway or sell the book through your website to gain new leads and customers.

If you’re running an online business with your it’s a website or service lead generation is important to you as a business owner. Having a book expressing your service and skill set will attract new customers experiencing the specific problem you provide solutions for. Hands down, a book is an excellent way to generate leads for your business and can be the lifeblood to success with your online business.

Make Residual Income– Having a book written for your business is an excellent way to generate residual income. Sales of your book 24-hours a day seven days a week through the marketing of your book is an excellent way to generate extra income. We can use residual income to increase marketing in other areas and can help in supporting your business during slow downtimes.

Email Acquisition/Database– A book or an eBook can provide a solution for customer and in exchange for their email address. Building an email address database of potential customers is essential in operating an online business. Using your book as a downloadable giveaway for customer information has proven to be a direct path to increased sales and profit.

There are many excellent reasons to write a book. However, this is where the rubber hits the road. These reasons cannot be used if you don’t have a book. The first step is to write your book and get on the horse and get on track. The best way to do that, if you don’t know how to write is to hire a professional ghostwriter to do the writing for you. It is your words, your story, your ideas. A ghostwriter is a behind-the-scenes person to put it all together for you.

There’s no shame in this there’s no shame or unethical aspects involved. It is legal and nothing wrong with telling your story in your words through a ghostwriter. Once again, to reiterate, a ghostwriter physically writes your book. It is your story along with your words your skills and your knowledge.

Write your book get it out there into the world.
Watch your business and life excel!

If you like to learn more about ghostwriting and talk to me about being the ghostwriter book for your book project, please get in touch with me at ghostwriterusa1@gmail.com or schedule a free book consultation at http://www.meetme.so/ghostwritingusa

Jeffrey A. Mangus CEO


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