The Inside to getting a Traditional Publishing Deal

As an author, I started out writing children’s non-fiction articles. I was super excited the day I received notice one of my stories would be published. The publisher said they would pay me $25.00 dollars for the article.

I couldn’t believe it! I was getting paid for writing. It wasn’t much, but hey, to me, being a rookie, I thought it was a pretty good start.

I was excited, so I dove deeper into my writing. I began my quest to gain a traditional publisher.

Where to start was a huge question. I felt comfortable writing query letters; I wanted to be better. I knew I had to acquire an agent. I educated myself on how to craft a professional query letter and my book journey began.

If you are reading this and have a book idea. And with that idea you discovered you would like to pursue a traditional publishing deal, there are a few things you must accomplish.

You must clean house and put things in order to get there. Before I dive in, allow me to say that patience and persistence is the key to achieving any traditional publishing goals. You must be in this for the long haul and it will be a lot of hard work, but worth it in every way.

Let’s dive in and look at the inside essentials to getting a traditional publishing deal.

Build A Platform-Traditional publishers want to know that the odds are in their favor for selling your book. Long gone are the days that major publishers take huge risks and deliver large advances to unknown authors. An author, a new author, must have a developed platform. The publishers use your platform to gain leverage in selling a lot of books. Having a large platform, to your publisher, is a built-in target audience for your book. The larger the platform the less risk and higher chances of getting offered a traditional deal.

Do your due diligence and begin building your platform through increased visibility on social media sites, building followers and email lists. I want to clarify that “likes” on a post or a picture does not make for a platform. Build your followers through consistent content, engaging material and being a professional.

Get a literary agent– This sounds easier than it is. Once again, you must bring something to the table and have your affairs in order. Answering the question on how you find a literary agent is important, however, finding a literary agent that matches your area of expertise, if you are writing non-fiction is essential. Pinpoint an agent that seems to understand your information and the direction of your book.

There are many ways to locate agents as there are lists of agents across the internet and you can find lists of agents in books published every year. Research books and guides on literary agents. Once you locate the agent you feel will be one that can help you and have a solid working relationship with, draft a professional query letter and begin building a rock-solid book proposal.

Keep in mind, working with an agent is a two-sided street. You must be a good business partner to the agent and work hard in developing a strong-trusting business relationship to ensure the success of your book.

Author/Book Marketing Plan-Some people may feel it is unwise to begin a marketing plan for your new book. I say it is never too early as having a marketing plan in place because it strengthens your position as an author and reduces further risk to any agent or publisher.

If an agent or publisher sees the plan and your initiative to develop the plan shows you’re enthused and eager to sell books and you will do what it takes to get the job done.

Book Proposal-Begin putting together a book proposal that details every aspect of your book, including, comparative titles, marketing plan, an annotated table of contents, sample chapters. Include your platform numbers and show the sources of your platform for verification. Having this information, from a publisher’s standpoint, makes you look professional and less of a risk overall.

Be Professional and Persistent- The publishing industry is vast but don’t be fooled. The industry, with professionals, talking through different mediums is small and word gets around about pain-in-the-ass unprofessional authors. If the industry catches wind that you are hard to work with, or unprofessional, it becomes difficult to get past doors you need to open. Being hard to work with will close doors in front of you.

Make it a point to always present yourself as a professional and be persistent professionally. Never be rude or pushy. Humbleness and kindness will increase the odds in your efforts toward getting your book traditionally published.

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