Everyone has a Book Inside Them…Discover Yours

Before I wrote my first book and ages before I became a ghostwriter, I never dreamed I would be a published author. My dreams came true but not without facing challenges, hard work, and changing my mindset in getting the book written and done.

As a professional ghostwriter, I get daily inquiries from would-be writers and one of the main concerns I see is most people don’t believe they can write a book.

Not the physical part, (yes sometimes that too) but they believe they do not have enough to say or they aren’t exciting enough for people to want to read.

One other reason I have heard is some people fear talking about their skills in fear of being ridiculed or rejected by their peers.

No matter what the fear or obstacle in front of you…

Everyone has a book inside them.

The trick is to discover yours.

Studies have shown that 81% of Americans want to write a book and say they do, but do not know how to get started. In being open, the first aspect you have to do to begin a book is to decide what type of book to write.

This sounds easy…

However, it is not. This is the most important—even a critical step in your book journey.

Take this step with the utmost concern by assessing yourself. Being open and honest and discovering the book inside you is a difficult challenge.


Self-examination—honest self-assessment is difficult to face. What are you are good at? What event in your life changed your life to make it better or worse?

Once you examine these types of aspects closer, you can be well on your way to discovering the book inside you.

Let’s look at four different books you could write about. If these do not fit you, research the different categories of books written and find the one that suits your personality.

Autobiography/Memoir- This is a book where you capture your life and events that shaped who you are. This book allows you to capture your experiences in your life unique to others.

Business Experience/Authority- A book of this nature allows you to express your expertise in any business category. This an opportunity to put into words your business vision to help others in their life and business.

Motivational Self-help-Maybe you are the author who has something special in which can help others. A form of “how-to” book with guidance on any specific topic you excel at performing. This type of book is perfect for entrepreneurs, and business leaders along with public speakers who can use the book for “backroom sells”

Inspirational- Are you a spiritual person who wants to bring enlightenment to others? We could use a book of this nature as a meditative book or a book of self-guidance. As a new author, you could write this faith-based book that points to faith, and forgiveness and draw upon your personal experience and religious beliefs.

Writing a book is a life event that occurs for a lifetime. Discover yourself. Take time to self-assess your inner-most feelings, experience, and desires to compile it into words for others to feel and experience.

Help others and help yourself along the way.

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