Are you short?

No, I’m not talking about not being tall.

I’m talking about being short on the ever valuable asset…


We all have the same amount of time every day. There are exactly 1440 minutes in every single day for every one of us without exception. How we use our time is to our advantage or disadvantage.

Being a business owner your time is truly limited and in my guess even more limited than most. I bet it is safe to say that you probably don’t have an extra minute in the day.

Especially, for tackling the daunting task of writing a book for your business.

Writing a book takes time. And dedication. Not saying you wouldn’t be dedicated to writing your book, but the kind of dedication I’m talking about is dedication to the time and the concentration it takes to write a book.

It could take months to write a book. Depending on the subject and how deep it could take up to 6 months and a year to accomplish a fully written book.

So let me ask you…

Have you thought of writing a book for your business?

Have you hesitated because of the dedication and the lack of time you have to do it?

That is ok!

Let’s face it…

Writing a book is not an easy task and even for the most experienced author, it still takes a few months to  churn it out and to do it right.  You know your story inside and out and it could say it in your sleep, but when it comes down to putting words onto paper, it takes a certain focus and strength to get it done.

This is why it’s okay to hire someone else to foot the load and get this done for you. Hiring a ghostwriter is a smarter move for various and numerous reasons.

  1. Saves you time-Frees you up to pursue your business while your book is being written
  2. Saves you money-You keep making money and not losing business while you are writing your book.
  3. Allows your skill set to be used in other areas that best suits you (maybe you’re not a good writer) That is completely fine. Not every one is a good writer

A lot of business owners try to write their book and get to a certain point, but get so busy that the book has to be put on the back burner. Hiring a ghostwriter can alleviate all of this and provide a book that you can use to produce residual and passive income and build your brand.

My point…If you don’t have the time to write a book and are savvy enough to know that you need one, hiring a ghostwriter to write the book for you is a smart move all around to finally get your book out to the world.

If you would like to learn more about how to save time and write your book with a ghostwriter. Get in touch with me at or email me at any time with any questions at

Are you Short on time?

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