Mysterious Other Projects a Ghostwriter Can Do

As a ghostwriter, I have written many types of projects over the years. Blogs, web pages, emails, and even product sell sheets and video scripts have come across my job radar.

Starting out I took any job that came my way. I needed to do this to learn the ropes. I needed to get my feet wet and sharpen my skills. There are thousands of books out there that talk about writing but I am a firm believer that you have to get your hands dirty to truly learn something. The only way to get good at something is to do it, work hard and keep striving.

During those years of writing everything, I became adept at writing different styles and projects. They asked me to do projects I never thought a ghostwriter would take on.

In the beginning, I had it in my mind ghostwriters wrote only books.

I was wrong…

I discovered there are many avenues and needs for ghostwriters besides books.

Maybe you are here with a certain project in mind other than a book?

If this is, you…let’s dive in and look at the various projects we could use a ghostwriter for other than books.


The internet is here to stay and with that comes the immediate need to write copy for webpages. The internet is made up of words and having strong SEO or Search Engine Optimized webpages is essential in a web sites success. The higher the ranking of your business, the higher the lead generation and increased sales. If you have a webpage project, hire a ghostwriter to get the job complete.


Blogs have grown leaps and bounds as millions of businesses and individuals are now writing blogs This is the reason, I write my blog. I want to provide great content to help any aspiring author. I write the content about your specific business or topic and the goal is to build an audience for your words. We use the content to attract search engine attention and help potential clients find you and your service. A routine blog is essential and if you need a blog written and don’t have time, hire a ghostwriter to make blogging a part of your business to bring great success.


Email communication and email sales have generated billions of dollars in revenue to businesses around the world. Email writing is a skill not learned overnight. Yes, we all send emails to our friends and colleagues, but email sales writing is a whole other ball of skills. If you need emails written for your business, hiring a ghostwriter that understands the essential email sales techniques will be beneficial to you and your business.

Social Media Posts

Social media is here to stay and the never-ending need for social posts and content is growing by the second. If you need social posts for your business and don’t have the time or skills, I encourage hiring a ghostwriter to write the content. Create multiple posts and have them ready for a continual routine of specific content for your business.

Trust me…People are watching and if you keep that content out there, they will find you. Hire a ghostwriter to get this task done.

Press Releases

Product launches and services are important to your business and the economy. Press Releases are an excellent way to announce to the world your new product or service. Hiring a ghostwriter who specializes in press releases will make this task less of a burden on you. If you need a press release for your business, hiring a ghostwriter is the easiest way to get this job done and off your plate.

Ghostwriters are a special breed. I know I am. I am an introvert that enjoys being behind the scenes and making things happen. Most ghostwriters stand behind the curtain and work their word magic to make you shine. We do this daily, all with no recognition or glory.

We are ghostwriters and if you have any of types of different projects, hiring a ghostwriter to make you shine and increase your brand and profit is…

Smart business.

If you have a project, you would like to talk to me about, get in touch at or schedule a FREE book/project consultation at I would love to learn how I can help you get your project going today!

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