It’s snowing like heck today as I sit at my desk to write this blog. I am very excited to write this entry as I have had a ton of questions on the ghostwriting process that I use to ghost a book.

Let’s dive in…

Every book is different and every client is different. Each new client or potential client has unique lives and offer different stories, occupations, passions and needs for their books.

I take all of this into consideration with each and every client. I work hard with each client to study vocalization, speech, patterns and style to write in my client’s voice. The book is theirs and it’s very important for me to accomplish this so the world doesn’t know that I have ghosted your book. That’s my only job.

To make sure your book is yours.

But wait…

What is the question of the day?

Here goes…

How do you write my book?

How do you write my book in my voice?

Won’t people know that I didn’t write my book?

Hold the horses…

The answer is absolutely NOT!

To accomplish this I have developed a strategic process that makes the ghostwriting experience and enjoyable one for me and the client.

I feel I’m different. I go the extra mile. I dig deep into my work to provide the best outcome for each and every client.

Want to know the entire ghostwriting process?

Follow me…

 My book writing process is simple and to the point. This makes the process smoother and easier on us as I write your book. I’ve broken the process down into 21 EASY STEPS.

1. Business person (you the Author) wants a book written

2. Contacts me about talking about the book project

3. Author schedules an appointment to discuss details and requirements

4. Author and I talk in depth over the phone or Zoom on the project.

5. The author receives a statement of work (SOW) with book/content proposal

6. Author and I negotiate terms until everyone is satisfied and agrees.

7. Author agrees to proceed by signing a contract

8. The author receives an invoice on the first down payment

9. Author approves project outline and signs SOW

10. The author pays the down payment

11. Author and I schedule our first INTERVIEW

12. Ghostwriter (me) interviews Author for OVERVIEW, OUTLINE, GOALS, and TIMELINE. https://youtu.be/aLkBe1J8CVA

13. Ghostwriter (Me) writes a chapter if needed, interviews Author if needed, performs research if needed and writes the first chapter

14. Author receives chapter and REVIEWS, REVISE AND RETURNS

15. Steps 12-14 are repeated for all continuing chapters

16. When all chapters are written, Author receives the book in WORD format. The author reviews the book. Author makes final revision requests. The author returns the book with revision requests

17. Ghostwriter (me) completes all revision requests

18. Send book to Author for final approval.

19. Send book editor and proofreader.

20. Send Author final Manuscript

21. Send Author final invoice upon delivery of final manuscript

I hope this process has cleared it up and made it not so mysterious on the book writing process. I love seeing my clients be successful with their books.

Will you be next?


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